All You Need To Know About Popular Places In Dublin!

Are you planning a tour to Dublin- the city with history? Desire to visit top tourist attractions in Dublin? If yes, then this article can help you a lot to know about famous/attractive places you need to visit during Dublin’s tour. But before jumping to top most places let discuss some basics about this city.

The city is known for its historical monuments, bridges, parks, castle, colleges, or top attractive places. It is the capital of the republic of Ireland on the mouth of river Liffey. let’s discuss some famous tourist attractions in Dublin.

Trinity college

It is known as one of the oldest universities of Ireland founded in 1592 by queen Elizabeth. Todays more of visitors comes around from globe to see this college and its library which is filled with old literatures. The famous book of the old library is known as ‘Book of Kells’. This version of gospels was founded in A.D. 800 by Celtic monks.

Kilmainham Gaol

This goal permits all the visitors to know about the darker side of Irish history. By reaching this place one can easily see one of the attractive and unique looks. It is occupied from 1796 to 1920s. the Gaol prison housed various popular figures during the battle for Irish independence.

National gallery of Ireland

If you are an Art lover don’t forget to visit this place as it is filled with lots of Art characters, pictures and other things. It is known as one of the famous museums of Ireland which contains art collection since 1854. Try to save your money to reach out this place and to enjoy every tour moment. The national gallery of Ireland also hosts various exhibitions, concerts as well as lectures.

If you are looking for more tourist attractions in Dublin then one can reach out the official website and can check online reviews.

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