How to write an Argumentative essay?

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The argumentative essay looks for the state of position on any issue and explains several reasons. The essay is supported by proof for agreeing with the situation. While writing the essay, you need to find a topic which provides a solid basis for argument. There are several topics for argumentative essay, but you need to find it — the best way to find the issue by checking the headlines of the newspaper. By writing the essay, you have to remember some things which help you.


The topic which you have chosen for the argument   essay you have to believe in the claims which are:

  • Fact: You should have to check the situation that it is true or not.
  • Definition: You have to get some knowledge about the topic which you have chosen. If you know the meaning of the subject, then you can do an argument on it.
  • Value: There are several topics for the argument and these topics have their importance; the topic which you have chosen is related to the benefits.
  • Causes and effect: Remember the two things about any topic is what are the objectives of the topic and what are its implications?
  • Policy: It is the ending part which you have to check on the topic. This explains that if someone is in that situation then what shall they do? In other words, you have to find a solution to the situation.

Thesis statement

The statement means a sentence which is in your introduction that explains a summary which you are going to talk in next. There are three ways to write a Thesis statement:

1.    Question/Answer format

2.    Refute Objections

3.    Roadmap

The claims and the thesis statement are useful in writing the essay. You can also choose the topics for argumentative essay from our daily routine life.

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