Sensory Deprivation Tank – Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions!!

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The sensory deprivation tank is huge tanks that are used in the restricted environment stimulation therapy, also called the REST.  There are various other therapies too that can get you the result that you want, but they are all not as effective as the REST. If you want to do this therapy all by yourself, you can get a Sensory Deprivation Tank for Sale in the market without much hustle. When you get one, you can do the therapy all by yourself at home.

It is not a tough task to do the therapy, but still, it is highly recommended that you get the therapy from an expert therapist. There are plenty of therapists that can get you the therapy but still make sure that the one you get is the best in his field.

The most common doubts

When it comes to the inquiries, there are various things that the people are doubtful about. There are mostly the same and common inquiries that all the people and in the forthcoming points, we are going to tell you about some of the most commonly asked questions by the patients of stress and anxiety.

  • Do you get hallucinations in the sensory deprivation tank?

 There are plenty of cases where the patients have reported that they get hallucinations in the sensory deprivation tank, and therefore, it is the thing that is something like psychosis-like exercise. In research in 2015, 46 people reported being subjected to hallucinations in the tank.

  • Does it make you creative?

In the REST therapy, you are made to float over the water in the tank, and in research, it has been proved that it has been effective in increasing the originality and imagination. When you are made more imaginative and original, you get to be more creative at the same time.

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