Tips for deciding which one is better between kindle and audible!

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Online libraries are getting immensely popular among the people, and they prefer to buy a subscription of these online repositories of books instead of going to traditional libraries. Kindle and audible fromAmazon are two top platforms which offer books, novels, magazines, and other content to the public. These are the best E-books services and are popular all around the world. Audible offers you content in audio and kindle allows you to read the books on your device. There are some points that can help you in kindle unlimited and audible comparison and help you to choose the most suitable option for you.

Different points of comparison between kindle and audible

Expenses on subscription and trial perks

Kindle offers the users a free trial for a month, which means a user can avail all the services of kindle free of cost for a full month. After the free trial ends, you need to buy a subscription of the service if you want to continue to enjoy using a kindle. Common subscription charge of the kindle is approx $10 per month.

On the contrary, audible also offer a month free trial, but then you have to buy two audible originals audio and any of the two audiobooks available on the platform. The monthly subscription of audible is higher than kindle. It also has two types of membership; gold and platinum.

Size of collection

Kindle unlimited is popular for the enormous variety of content it offers to the users. It has more than one million books, novels, audiotapes and many more. Although it has a limited collection of audiobooks, but other content is available in abundance.

The audible has only about two lakhs of audiotapes, but the most significant advantage is that it has all the latest titles and trending books. Kindle usually don’t have the newly launched books in the market.

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